Saturday, April 11, 2009

Week 4 Chela

Truth be told we actually created the first pieces 4 weeks before posting (the secret was killing me). It then took another 2 weeks to get onto creating the blog. So here is week 4, seemingly early but what is time and space anyway? That's right folks, just an abstract concept.
Lately I have been obsessing over tattoo art books, particularly the series of III encyclopedias put out by Fuel Publishing. This got me thinking of doves and has driven me to punch holes in things with a sharp metal object.

This is the first volume and alas alak maybe the one that got away. It is out of print but if anyone has one that needs a new home let me know and it can shack up with volumes II and III

I used a double sided glass frame to display this "punched paper" dove. It looks beautiful in the window and next to a lamp at night *note to self: bring artwork to store next time so you get the right size frame!

This is a detail of the "punched paper". The texture reminds me of sea urchins.

If you have any questions or feedback we would love to read your comments.
xxx Happy Easter, C

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